jacobites1The 1700 Jacobite/Highland Rogues reenactors are made up of men and women dedicated to representing the history of Scotland in as true a fashion as possible. Some hand make their entire “kit” with some going so far as making flintlock firearms. Clothing, tents, targes, blades, and accouterments are all as authentic as possible.jacobites2

Whereas some are quite skilled with swords, muskets, and fabrication, they are all dedicated to preserving and expounding the history behind the Highland culture, lore, and tradition. The ranks are made up of people from all walks of life and all ages. They represent nothing less than a love of history, and a wonderful volunteering spirit to keep our heritage alive. Ooorah!



For more information on the Jacobites contact:

Russ Miller

Russ Miller; Jacobite Reenactor and
Artist of Ian MacNessie, the Mascot
for the Prescott Highland Games & Celtic Faire.