2024 Prescott Highland Game & Celtic Faire Food Vendor Registration

2024 Prescott Highland Games & Celtic Faire Merchandise Registration

On behalf of the Prescott Area Celtic Society, I would like to invite you to participate as a vendor at the 17th Annual Prescott Highland Games & Celtic Faire on September 28 th – 29th, 2024.  After an excellent Games last year, our board hopes to provide a firm foundation for landmark event in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Last year’s Games gave us an opportunity to meet many vendors in the Highland Games community. In response to your suggestions, we have made some changes that we hope will make the 2024 games better than ever.

The 2024 Prescott Games: This year’s Game is expected to draw more than 4,500 to 6,000 people.

Spaces and Locations: Vendors will be located on the Games field as last year and the food vendors will be moved close to merchandise vendors and clans. This should improve the flow of visitors and benefit everyone. Vendors needing power will be located appropriately. Basic vendor space is 10’x10’ for merchandise/craft vendors and 10 x 20 for food vendors. Please contact the vendor chairperson if you require more space.

Vendor Selection: Vendors will be selected based on past participation in our Games, variety of merchandise, and order of application. Food vendors should submit a menu with their application to ensure variety.

Special Needs: Please let the vendor chair know if you have any special needs, including ice and quantity, water, and access. Power will be provided to vendors who require it for a $70 fee. Please be sure to mark your application because it will affect your location. WE NEED TO KNOW YOUR POWER NEEDS IN ADVANCE, WE HAVE VERY LIMITED POWER!  (110v, 220v ETC.)

Applications and Deadlines: Food applications must be received by July 1st, 2024 and vendors will be notified by July 15th, 2024 if accepted. Merchandise Vendor applications can be received up to September 1, 2024. 

Insurance Coverage: We require that all vendors provide proof of liability insurance with the submission their application. The Prescott Area Celtic Society should be named as additionally insured on all policies. Any vendor who fails to provide proof of insurance before the beginning of the Games will not be allowed to participate.

Taxes: All vendors must have and provide copies of Arizona Tax Permit. Please provide your tax numbers on your application and provide copies of your permits before the start of the Games.

Set-up is available starting on Friday, September 20 and tear down should be concluded by the end of the day on Sunday, September 22, Temporary parking is available near the vendor areas for set-up and tear down only. Please let us know how many employees you will be using so we can provide access wristbands.

We are looking forward to your applications and your participation in this year’s Games.

PACS Email or call 928-642-0020 for more information.

All Vendors must fill out this form to apply to be a Vendor at Prescott Highland Games.

2024 Prescott Highland Game & Celtic Faire Food Vendor Registration

2024 Prescott Highland Games & Celtic Faire Merchandise Registration

Food Vendors Registration Application must also have the Food vendors Compliance orders

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